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Dinner for Busy Moms

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Caret Down
Bring your family back to the dinner table! Today's lifestyles call for almost nonstop activity. Inviting Dinner for Busy Moms into your life brings you back to your roots. It's a book for miraculous mothers who want to regain a true sense of family while still facing 21st-century conventions. Yes, it is possible to assume an adaptable personality that can balance work, home, schedules, play, and family. Though some on-the-go recipes are included, this is not what the book is about. Dinner for Busy Moms is a habit-establishing guide to making the most of what you have without facing enormous struggle. If you only have one day a week for a sit-down, takeout meal, then so be it. What's important is the experience of putting on the brakes and relearning how to spend quality time with your loved ones. With lighthearted and straightforward advice, you'll learn how to strengthen family bonds and bring more than just food to the table. Instead of focusing on a putting together a grand and spectacular meal, your attention should go towards who you're feeding and the interaction that plays out around the table. *Unplug the electronics and relearn how to be a complete family


Caret Down
Pages 210
Publish Date 2011-06-01
Size 6.0" x 9.0" x 0.611"
Author Jeanne Muchnick
Product Form Paperback / softback


About the Author

Jeanne Muchnick has been writing for national women's magazines for more than 20 years with material she's collected from being a harried, multi-tasking mom. Her work has appeared in Women's Day, Parents, Pregnancy, as well as in a host of newspapers and websites. The mom of two blogs about parentling at

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