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Drills and Drill Presses (Missing Shop Manual )

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Caret Down
Knowing your tools is essential for every woodworker, and this is the one book you need to completely understand the drills and drill presses you own or are thinking of purchasing. Here is everything you want to know about drills with useful photographs and illustrations to accompany the clear and instructive text. For beginners, the book details important safety instructions for operating a drill and how to choose the correct field for the job you've planned. It does a great job explaining the difference between corded and cordless drills. Plus, you'll find the features you're most likely to actually need so you're not overpaying for unnecessary bells and whistles when buying tools. After helping you select your drill, the book dives into how to choose drill bits. Don't worry about getting lost in complicated terms. This book is designed to guide, not confuse. You'll even learn how to sharpen your drill bits! Here is how to effectively and safely use your drill for your more common needs, such as wood joinery, as well as tips on repair and renovations. You'll find instruction on how to select and use a drill press as well as basic cabinet making. Get inspired by


Caret Down
Pages 104
Publish Date 2010-04-01
Series Missing Shop Manual
Size 5.0" x 7.0" x 0.281"
Author Skill Institute Press, Editor, John Kelsey


About the Author

John Kelsey is a journalist, an editor, and a writer specializing in woodworking and furniture making. He is a former editor in chief of Fine Woodworking magazine, the author of Furniture Projects for the Deck and Lawn and Kid Crafts: Woodworking. He currently serves as the Editorial Director for Fox Chapel Publishing.

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