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Garden Secrets for Attracting Birds, Second Edition

A Bird-by-Bird Guide to Favored Plants
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Caret Down
Garden Secrets for Attracting Birds provides valuable insight on turning your yard and garden into a mecca for birds -- many of which are pollinators! From hummingbirds and finches to orioles, woodpeckers, warblers, and so many more, this must-have resource will show you how to build a healthy and productive ecosystem for birds and pollinators right in your backyard! Featuring detailed profiles of several popular North American birds, their unique characteristics, and the plants and trees that attract them, also included are maps of their seasonal locations, interesting information on their behaviors, which seed mixes, feeders, and shelters each bird species prefer, and so much more. Easy-to-read and jam-packed with insightful information, readers will find a combination of photography and beautifully rendered color illustrations depicting each type of bird.


Caret Down
Pages 176
Publish Date 2021-01-05
Size 10.0" x 8.0" x 0.41"
Author Rachael Lanicci


Caret Down
The Oregonian
"...valuable to those who want to get to know the birds in their backyards, or how to get their favorites to visit."
Horticulture Magazine
Make your garden a haven for birds with Garden Secrets for Attracting Birds: A Bird-by-Bird Guide to Favored Plants.
Foreword Reviews
Provides information that readers can use to turn their yards and gardens into a bird sanctuary.

About the Author

Freelance writer and editor Rachael Lanicci has long been an avid birder. She and her husband, Herb, live in New Rochelle, NY. Besides birding, she also enjoys tending their Japanese rock garden, hiking and camping, and simply enjoying the great outdoors. She is also the compiling editor of The Wisdom of Meerkats and The Wisdom of Wolves.

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