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Hip Knitting

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Caret Down
Six fashionable projects and simple instructions make this book irresistible for anyone interested in learning how to knit. Enjoy learning to knit with these fun, simple tips! Author and knitter Astor Tsang shares her expert advice for beginners, guiding you through myriad key knitting concepts in her own unique, easy-going style. She'll introduce you to the process of selecting the most suitable needles and yarn for a particular pattern before explaining the basic techniques that you'll need to progress: *Slipknot *Casting On *Knit Stitch *Purl Stitch *Tension *Combination Knits and Purls *Reading Your Work *Turning *Casting Off. If any of these sound daunting, don't worry! Astor uses clear, engaging descriptions combined with handy illustrations to make sure that you won't feel out of the loop! This means that even if you've never picked up knitting needles before, the more advanced techniques will soon be within your grasp. Then, your Hip Knitting adventure can really begin! The book includes six complete and fully illustrated patterns, which you can either make for yourself or as wonderfully warming, wintery gifts: a scarf, a slouch hat, a pillow monster, and more! All of these feature a list of required materials and precise Pantone color


Caret Down
Pages 64
Publish Date 2013-01-01
Size 7.5" x 9.8" x 0.196"
Author Astor Tsang
Product Form Paperback


About the Author

Astor Tsang believe in demystifying knitting and crocheting. Knitting is not rocket's just yarn and a couple of sticks! She adapt her teaching to her students' style of learning because when it comes to knitting...there is no one "right" way. Doing what works for you is just fine. She observes her students struggling to discover what part of knitting they do not understand. Her job is to help them see the problem and the solution in a way that makes sense to them. One little girl couldn't remember all the steps for making a stitch. So Astor had her make up a story. Her story went like this: "The hamster peeks out of the cage. You lasso him. He goes back into his cage. And he runs away."She trys to instill confidence to get her students to try new things (other than another scarf). She encourages people to think "outside of the box". All things are subject to interpretation that's what makes a project uniquely yours.And most important of all...she shares her passion for knitting and all things yarn.

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