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Hobby Farms: Rabbits

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Caret Down
Rabbit breeder and exhibitor Chris McLaughlin offers years of experience and guidance on the many aspects of raising rabbits on a hobby farm, a livestock choice she considers perfect due to the limited space rabbits need to thrive. Whether the reader is raising rabbits for pets, fiber, or meat, there is plenty of solid information and useful advice to be found in Hobby Farms: Rabbits. From the natural and cultural history of rabbits to selecting and purchasing of the right rabbits for a small farm, this book is both practical and enlightening. Individual chapters focusing on housing and feeding, behavior and handling, health care, and breeding and raising young make this an indispensable choice for all rabbit keepers. Handsomely designed with color photographs throughout, this guide also offers sidebars of helpful tips, fun anecdotes, and quotes from hobby farmers that are entertaining and edifying. The final chapter discusses how to turn the rabbit-raising business profitable through producing show and pet rabbits, wool/fiber rabbits, rabbit manure, and rabbit meat.


Caret Down
Pages 160
Publish Date 2012-02-07
Series Hobby Farm Animals
Size 6.0" x 9.0" x 0.41"
Author Chris McLaughlin
Product Form Paperback / softback


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