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Knots to Know

20 Fundamental Knots for the Outdoors
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Caret Down
Knot tying is essential for boaters, sailors, climbers, hikers, and pretty much anyone who spends time in the great outdoors. Here is a DVD that teaches 20 knots that you should know before heading out into the woods, water, or mountains. Because watching is a better way of learning, these videos make it easy to learn to tie knots. Watch these demonstrations and explanations to make even the difficult parts of knot tying simpler. Whether you have to tie boats to a vehicle, set up a tarp at camp, or maybe you simply want to learn how and when the essential knots are used, this DVD will show you how to achieve success in virtually any basic knot-tying task. These are the knots that everybody should know! A great knot can even save your life. Includes Quick Reference Booklet with detailed illustrations for each knot so that you can follow along with the techniques in great detail as you watch the DVD.


Caret Down
Pages 1
Publish Date 2012-05-01
Size 135.0" x 190.0" x 0.0"
Author Nicole Whiting
Product Form DVD

About the Author

Before tying the knot with Ken Whiting, head of Heliconia Press, in life and in business, Nicole was a full time whitewater kayaker working, traveling and competing internationally. Her major athletic goal was realized when she captured the gold at the World Championships on the Ottawa in 1997. Shortly after the win, Nicole headed out to Vancouver to pursue an entrepreneurial career in event management. This business experience came served her well when she joined The Heliconia Press in 2003 as manager of operations. Her energy, enthusiasm, organizational skills and sales savvy have been invaluable in its growth.

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