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Llamas and Alpacas

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Caret Down
Learn the best ways to start your own llama or alpaca herds for fun or for profit! There has never been a better time to add a few camelid comrades to your hobby farm. In Llamas and Alpacas, author and expert Sue Weaver shows you how to make it happen. With color photos, advice from experienced breeders and farmers, and information on common maladies, you'll learn the ins and outs of buying and caring for these remarkable creatures and delight in what they can do for you in return. There was a time when llamas and alpacas were considered exotic animals, only seen in zoos, in the wild, or in captivity in far-off lands. That started to change in the late 1970s as farming both types of animals became popular. Weaver tells all that needs to be told regarding selecting, raising, breeding, and caring for both types of animals. She also throws in tips and expert advice from breeders and farmers on how to best manage herds. You'll learn *How to inspect and buy an animal or multiple animals *Instructions on proper fencing and enclosures to keep your herd safe *The ins and outs of daily care provision, including first


Caret Down
Pages 200
Publish Date 2009-07-28
Series Hobby Farm Animals
Size 6.0" x 9.0" x 0.46"
Author Sue Weaver

About the Author

Sue Weaver is the author of Sheep: Small-scale Sheep Keeping for Pleasure and Profit and Chickens: Tending a Small-scale Flock for Pleasure and Profit. She has also written hundreds of articles about animals over the years and is a contributing editor for Hobby Farms magazine. Sue and her husband John live near Mammoth Springs, Arkansas, where as the proprietors of Wolf Moon Boers they raise show-quality full-blood Boer goats. They also raise double-registered miniature American Brecknock Hill Cheviot and Keyrrey-Shee sheep, AMHR Miniature Horses of cob type, and American Curly horses.

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