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Sailing Ships and Lighthouses Pattern Pack - Printed

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Caret Down
Tall sailing ships, schooners and sloops rest proudly in the harbor. As the evening approaches the setting sun nestles in the bank of forming thunder clouds along the horizon line of the ocean. Rising high above the landscape, the lighthouses begin the evening task of lighting the beacons. This wood carving pattern package contains fifteen large designs the include sailing ships, harbor scenes, and lighthouse seascapes. Each pattern is shown fully detailed with shading to guide you in the depth carving. Most designs are given in the package a second time as outline patterns. Great for Drawing and Wood Burning! Also includes is a four piece small mantel design, which prints to approximately 8" tall by 24" long. This scene includes not only the harbor and ships but also whales and dolphins!


Caret Down
Pages 32
Publish Date 2011-05-01
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.0"
Author Lora S. Irish
Product Form Paperback / softback

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