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Magic with Vellum: Translucents

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Caret Down
Take your scrapbook pages to the next level with Magic with Vellum! You'll learn new techniques for working with vellum, such as how to: *Use overlays to create a fishbowl effect *Use lace effects to apply a beautiful edging to your project *Use chalking techniques to decorate the vellum *And more! Vellum is made from cellulose fibers, fashioned from plants and trees. It is an old material, originally made by stretching calf skins over wooden frames and used for writing--similar to modern parchment. Today's vellum has a smooth, translucent finish, not unlike plastic. It can be found at arts and crafts stores, or you can order it online. As a craft material, it is very easy to work with. Author Delores Frantz explains everything you need to know about crafting with vellum paper. Packed with tips for preparing your scrapbooking project, you'll know which art supplies to invest in for each card or gift you create. Patterns are also provided on the backside of each project page, making it easy for a crafter to trace with a sheet of vellum. Instructions are laid out in a step-by-step method complete with photographs, making it easy for beginners to the art of


Caret Down
Pages 36
Publish Date 2002-01-01
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.0"
Author Dolores Frantz
Product Form Paperback / softback


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