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Making Bird-Friendly Birdhouses

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Caret Down
As popular as birdhouses are, many are designed with aesthetics in mind, rather than the bird's preferences and needs. Not so for the projects in Making Bird-Friendly Birdhouses. Lifelong birder Mel "Bird Man Mel" Toellner and pro woodworker Matt Maguire walk readers step-by-step through 15+ projects for safe birdhouses that birds find conducive to their natural nesting habitats. They begin with a comprehensive introduction to why birdhouses are so important, and why the birdhouses should be created with specific birds in mind like bluebirds, wrens, chickadees, owls and even bats! With additional sections on distribution maps, detailed plans, mounting instructions, and tips on attracting birds to your yard, it has everything you need to create a successful backyard haven for your winged friends.


Caret Down
Pages 168
Publish Date 2024-07-02
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.0"
Author Melvin Bird Man Mel Toellner & Matt Maguire
Product Form Paperback / softback


Caret Down
Bryan Lenz, Ph.D., American Bird Conservancy
Making Bird-Friendly Birdhouses is a comprehensive guide on how your home address can also become the home address for birds. Use the book's great tips to attract your new tenants and then sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature at your doorstep.
Bill Wees, Backyard Bird Watcher, Woodworking Hobbyist, Member of the Columbia Audubon Society
Building or even purchasing the correct birdhouse is just the first step in attracting birds to your yard. What about placement, improving nearby habitat, birdhouse maintenance, or even use during the winter? "Bird Man Mel" and Matthew Maguire answer all these questions, and more in just one book!
Bob Lusk, Editor, Pond Boss magazine
Enjoy projects? Love birds? This is the book for you. Learn, build, to entice birds near to enjoy nature's offerings in your own backyard.
Susan Bonfield, Director, Environment for the Americas
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of nesting birds with this extensive guide to crafting birdhouses. Elevating your enthusiasm for the next DIY project, the book not only furnishes essential details for creating an ideal nesting haven for our feathered companions, but also shares a wealth of knowledge about how to attract them to your yard.
David Mizejewski, naturalist at the National Wildlife Federation,
Putting out birdhouses is a great way to enhance habitat in your neighborhood. Matt and Mel's book will show you step-by-step the right way to build and mount nesting boxes for native cavity nesting species from bluebirds and chickadees to wood ducks and owls.

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