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Making Your Own Bush Knife

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Caret Down
From outdoor excursions to everyday use at home, bush knives are practical tools with many uses. Now, you can make your own! Great for beginning knifemakers, learn the techniques of both stock removal and forging, and how to achieve great results with simple power tools or hand tools. Making Your Own Bush Knife will show you how to select the steel, forge it, quench it, and grind it into a usable knife. No need for all the expensive equipment and tons of space. With a small propane or coal forge in your backyard and just a few other pieces of equipment, discover and enjoy the craft of knifemaking! Author, outdoorsman, blacksmith, knifemaking instructor, and member of the American Bladesmith Society, Bradley Richardson is known for his high-quality custom knives and founded Timberlee Tool & Trade where sells his blades. He appeared in two seasons of the History Channel's show, Alone, where his expertise on knives proved to be vital and has over 19K YouTube subscribers.


Caret Down
Pages 184
Publish Date 2020-02-13
Size 8.0" x 10.0" x 0.42"
Author Bradley Richardson


Caret Down
Mountain Weekly News
Bradley Richardson, an experienced blacksmith and outdoorsman takes you through the rewarding, and timeless craft of custom knifemaking.


About the Author

An experienced blacksmith and outdoorsman, Bradley Richardson appeared in two seasons of the History Channel's TV show, Alone where his knifemaking skills proved to be vital. Having a background in furniture making, he acquired simple blacksmithing equipment and learned his way around the anvil to forge his own hardware. Soon, he forged his first knife in his father's backyard and quickly grew passionate for creating custom knives with a focus on the ancient art of Damascus steel. A member of the American Bladesmith Society with over 19K YouTube subscribers, Richardson is known for his knife making videos and founded Timberlee Tool & Trade where he sells his handcrafted work. He also leads instructional classes and one-on-one workshops in his blacksmith studio where he shares his expertise with aspiring knifemakers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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