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Marc Morrone's Ask the Cat Keeper

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Caret Down
Made famous on The Martha Stewart Show on television and Sirius radio, Marc Morrone is here to answer questions from readers and fans about cats and kittens. In Ask the Cat Keeper, Marc's quirky, entertaining personality shines on every page as he shares his wisdom, know-how, and hilarious anecdotes to answer dozens of questions. Cat owners will learn about a wide variety of topics: *Feeding and grooming *Behavior and trick training *Types of food, feline nutrition, fad diets, overfeeding, and fussy eaters *Every possible issue concerning litter-box training cats, from toxoplasmosis and toilet training to odor management for multi-cat households *Vaccines, allergies, anatomy *Annoying feline behaviors *And much more! While Marc is often laugh-out-loud funny in all of the chapters, it is his genuine admiration and respect for cats and their owners that make this book a unique resource for all cat lovers. Filled with real first-hand information and reliable tips, readers will be laughing and learning in equal measure! This book is beautifully designed and illustrated with color photographs as well as original artwork by Jason O'Malley.


Caret Down
Pages 192
Publish Date 2009-08-25
Series Marc Marone
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Marc Morrone

About the Author

Marc Morrone has hosted or appeared on various television and radio shows, including The Martha Stewart Show; Ask Marc, the PetKeeper; Petkeeping with Marc Morrone; MetroPets; and the Pet Shop with Marc Morrone. A lifelong keeper of a wide variety of animals, from guppies to hermit crabs to goats and hyenas, he has been the co-owner of Parrots of the World, Ltd., in Rockville Centre, New York, since its inception in 1978.

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