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Metal Lathe for Home Machinists

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Caret Down
Metal Lathe for Home Machinists is a project-based course that provides a complete introduction to the lathe and lathe metalworking. This book takes beginners through all the basic techniques needed to tackle a wide range of machining operations. Advance through a series of practice projects that teach how to use the lathe and develop essential skills through practical application. Contained 12 lathe turning projects to develop confidence and become an accomplished home shop machinist, each project is designed to develop essential lathe skills that the reader will use again and again. All of the projects are extensively illustrated and full working drawings accompany the text. The book advances from basic projects to higher levels of difficulty as the course progresses, from a simple surface gauge to a milling cutter chuck where precision and concentricity is vital. After completing this course, the reader will have amassed a wealth of practical skills and a range of useful workshop tools and equipment, while lathe owners with more advanced skills will discover new techniques.


Caret Down
Pages 168
Publish Date 2012-06-01
Size 5.83" x 8.27" x 0.38"
Author Harold Hall


About the Author

Harold Hall worked as an electrical control systems engineer for thirty-five years before becoming editor of Model Engineer's Workshop magazine. He is the author of numerous books on workshop practice, including Metal Lathe for Home Machinists, The Metalworker's Workshop for Home Machinists, Milling for Home Machinists, and The Milling Machine for Home Machinists.

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