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Organic Hobby Farming

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Caret Down
In Organic Hobby Farming, Andy Tomolonis, a longtime organic gardener, part-time hobby farmer, and award-winning Boston-area journalist, strips down the concept of ?organic" and explains why natural farming has emerged as the healthiest and most viable method of growing for hobby farms and other small-scale operations. In addition to the improved taste and the appeal of excluding toxic materials, organic farming benefits farmers, their families, and the environment. It offers economic plusses as well. The current consumer demand for ?local" and ?organic" food underscores the need for small hobby farms that offer unique high-end goods. Tomolonis explains the basic principles of organic farming and describes how hobby farmers and their families can eat healthier, save money, help preserve the environment, and even turn their passion into a small-scale side business. Chapter 1 will help you assess the land you live on to determine whether it's suited for organic vegetables, fruit, berries, or livestock. Farmers who are looking to lease or buy land will find practical advice on how to evaluate properties and find their best use, taking climate, soil, water and geography into consideration. In Chapter 2, Tomolonis continues with practical advice on how to choose the right tools without


Caret Down
Pages 384
Publish Date 2014-06-03
Size 7.5" x 9.25" x 0.0"
Author Andy Tomolonis

About the Author

Andy Tomolonis is a longtime organic gardener, horticultural writer and former columnist for The Boston Herald. He writes the popular blog, The Dirt-Cheap Gardener for SouthCoast Media Group. Organic Hobby Farming is his first book.

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