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Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets

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Caret Down
First timers and seasoned competitors alike can separate themselves from the rest of the pack with these speed secrets from an undefeated pinewood derby champ. Includes hundreds of photos and diagrams for making the fastest Pinewood Derby car in the race.


Caret Down
Pages 106
Publish Date 2006-10-15
Series Woodworking-General
Size 8.0" x 8.0" x 0.3346"
Author David Meade


Caret Down
Library Journal
Although written primarily for families of Boy Scouts, this charming, useful little book should make any parent eager to work on a model car with their child. The book includes a history of the "Pinewood Derby," the annual Boy Scout event that pits gravity-powered cars made from a standard-issued block of pinewood against each other, as well as fully illustrated step-by-step directions for making cars. Each chapter focuses on one aspect-the body, the wheels, the axles, etc.-and covers three levels of car-making skill: Winning, Champion and Ultimate. Text, diagrams and photos are clear and easy to follow, and serves as a primer on basic woodworking skills. When Meade suggests a tool or piece of equipment, he explains what it is and how it works, why a certain tool is called for and how to use it properly. The best aspect of this book is its emphasis on "letting the child do the work" and safe working practices. Second- or third-grade children can read and understand the text with a little help, but it is also a useful guide for grown-ups. 200 color photos.


About the Author

By profession, David Meade is a research scientist, holding a master's degree in statistics, his background in research and experimental design has enabled him to develop a unique and powerful approach to Pinewood Derby racing. He also enjoys model rocketry and astronomy.

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