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Rainbow Quilt Color Method

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Caret Down
Author Sarah Thomas goes all in with this must-have quilting guide. Rainbow Quilt Color Method isn't just a collection of 15 beautiful quilts to make, but it's also a course study on how to confidently choose fabric for multi-color and monotone designs. Sarah shares her approach to selecting a harmonious palate that achieves design strength through color placement. She then goes on to explain how she uses color saturation and color value to make the same quilt with alternate coloration. For example, her rainbow version of her "Twinkle" pattern takes on a patriotic feel when it's made with reds, creams, and blues. Filled with techniques that, in many cases, let the consumers choose their own preferences to achieve their own results, it also includes instruction for basic patchwork, curves, English and foundation paper piecing, plus appliqué options if paper piecing isn't your cup of tea. Quilt patterns include "Blast Off," "Double Dip," " Eden," "Fan Dancer," "Pergola," "Soft Serve," and more! Improve your own quilting skills by learning from a master!


Caret Down
Pages 128
Publish Date 2024-07-02
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.0"
Author Sarah Thomas
Product Form Paperback / softback


Caret Down
Sherilyn Mortensen, Sea Sherilyn Sew
Sarah's abundant knowledge of color theory, paired with her breathtaking designs, beautiful fabric and clearly written patterns make for a treasure trove of inspiration and fun projects! This book is a great resource and asset for any quilting library.
Karen L. Miller, Redbird Quilt Co., National Educator, Author, Free Motion Quilting Cheerleader ???????
Sarah's love of all things color combined with her attention to detail make this a "must have" addition to any quilting library.

About the Author

Sarah is officially a licensed and retired commercial pilot. She graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Aviation Technology. She then went on as the chief pilot of an engineering firm in the Midwest for a couple years. Once she married a military man, she was whisked away from her land of corn and soybeans to start the next chapter in her life. Three moves into her marriage, she had to figure out a career that worked for a lady-on-the-run! Thank goodness for her geeky affection for algebra and geometry (and calculus.eep!) and a keen eye for design & color.Sarah's Gramma and mom taught her to enjoy crafts and handwork from a young age. She learned to crochet around age 4; played with beadwork and wire art from age 5 or 6; cross-stitch was second nature by the time she was in 2nd grade; and her school notebooks were always filled to brim with doodles. It was only a matter of time before she discovered the quilting world -- where art meets math and magic happens!By chance, she learned she had a knack for free motion quilting as well. Basing her style of FMQ on the doodles that filled her notebooks, she's classified her personal FMQ style as Sketchbook Quilting. She loves the opportunity to quilt for othersShe has been part of the Hoffman California Fabrics family, contributing as a surface pattern designer and releasing her premier fabric collection, Paradigm in June/July 2019. Her first and second collections for Moda are featured in this book.

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