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Red-Eared Sliders

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Caret Down
This authoritative illustarted handbook, by expert and author Philippe de Vosjoli, provides guidelines for turtle keepers who wish to have success keeping, displaying, and breeding red-eared sliders and other popular freshwater turtles. The remarkable red-eared slider is a freshwater turtle that belongs to the Emydidae family of turtles, of which there are currently fourteen subspecies. This practical and informative handbook includes information about: *Selecting a healthy turtle *Quarantine and acclimation considerations *Housing needs *Water and feeding *Advice about keeping red-eared sliders healthy and thriving *And much more! A chapter on diseases and disorders provides a complete primer on the health needs and veterinary care of these rewarding reptiles. Although popular pets among children, red-eared sliders require a considerable amount of special care, and this colorful guide provides the necessary information to keep these turtles properly attended in captivity.


Caret Down
Pages 62
Publish Date 2002-12-01
Series Advanced Vivarian
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Philippe De Vosjoli

About the Author

Philippe de Vosjoli is a bestselling writer and publisher with varied interests, including amphibians, reptiles, unusual plants, the role of hallucinogenic plants in the evolution of culture and religion, and how the rise of the parallel reality of cyberspace will impact our future. He is also the author of the acclaimed children's book, The Legend of Atticus Rex.

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