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Sewing Scrap Blocks with Character

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Caret Down
Create adorable scrap blocks like you've never seen! This one-of-a-kind book features more than 60 fresh and modern patchwork character patterns organized by season, holiday, or specific category -- including baby animals and even cat yoga poses! Easy-to-follow projects are achieved with a combination of both machine and hand stitching and are decorated with paint, applique, and embroidery, so there is something exciting to try. With gridded templates and helpful reference photos and diagrams, Sewing Scrap Blocks with Character provides endless inspiration so you can make the most of your scrap fabric collection. Author and artist Olesya Lebedenko's modern style brings a breath of fresh air to the quilting world with her charismatic animal designs that are completely original and unlike anything you've ever seen before, making this project guide a must-have for passionate quilters and hobbyists!


Caret Down
Pages 112
Publish Date 2020-10-13
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.3"
Author Olesya Lebedenko


Caret Down
Publishers Weekly
With this pleasing collection of animal and seasonal designs, quilting teacher Lebedenko provides a convincing answer to a question all crafters face at some point: what to do with leftover material...Sewing and quilting artists with baskets of scraps will find enough projects to keep them occupied year-round.


About the Author

Author Olesya Lebedenko is an artist from Ukraine living in Canada, where she works and creates modern pattern designs. She is a teacher, designer, quilter, doll maker, author, magazine contributor, and entrepreneur as the founder and owner of Olesya Lebedenko Design. Her work has been featured in Canadian and Ukrainian publications, she has written countless tutorials and articles, and she has led hundreds of workshops all over Europe and Canada. Olesya is a professional member of the International Quilt Association and the Canadian Quilters' Association. She is also a member of the York Heritage Quilters Guild based in Toronto, as well as the Global Doll Society. To learn more about Olesya Lebedenko and to view her work, visit her website, (, her Instagram (@olesyalebedenkodesign), and her Etsy shop (

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