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Shih Tzu

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Caret Down
Celebrating one of the East's most beautiful and highly prized companion dogs, the Shih Tzu, this Smart Owner's Guide, created by the editors at Dog Fancy magazine, offers the most up-to-date and accurate information every dog owner needs to become a well-informed caregiver. Illustrated with color photographs of adorable puppies and handsome adults, this easy-to-read primer is designed in a modern, lively manner that readers will find user-friendly and entertaining. Included here is: *A description of the breed's character and physical conformation, historical overview, and its attributes as a companion dog *Finding a breeder and selecting a healthy, sound puppy *Preparing for the puppy's homecoming, shopping for supplies, and puppy-proofing the home *House-training *Veterinary and home health maintenance *Feeding and nutrition *Grooming *Obedience training for basic cues (sit, stay, heel, come, etc.) *Solving potential problem behaviors (barking, chewing, aggression, jumping up, etc.) *Activities to enjoy with the dog, including showing, agility, therapy work *And more! Entertaining tidbits and smart advice fill up colorful sidebars in every chapter. Real-life heroes and rescue stories are retold in full-page features. Recipes, training, and care tips are highlighted in feature pages. The Smart Owner's Guide series is the only series that offers readers an


Caret Down
Pages 176
Publish Date 2010-03-02
Series Smart Owner's Guide
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Dog Fancy Magazine

About the Author

Written by:The experts from Dog Fancy® magazine, the world's most widely read dog magazine for 40 years, brings you the ultimate series of dog breed books. The collaborative minds at Dog Fancy® have created this exceptional line of up-to-date, interactive, and information-packed books that will set the standard for all breed books.

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