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Caret Down
A Beginning Vivarium Systems guide, Snakes is an entertaining and educational introduction to the world of snakes of all sizes, colors, and personalities. Beginning snake keepers of all ages will find intriguing information about common and unusual snakes in this colorful guide by herp expert Russ Case. The book offers readers who are looking to adopt a snake the right guidance for purchasing a healthy specimen and for creating a safe, comfortable home where the pet snake can thrive. Beginners will learn about the anatomy of snakes and their behavior in the wild and in captivity. The chapter ?Snake Food" is a lesson in how to feed snakes so that owners meet all of the special needs of their pets. The chapter ?Great Beginner Snakes" present the most common species for newcomers to snakes, including such favorites as the corn snake, California king snake, ball python, and the rosy boa, each illustrated with color photos and explained in clear everyday language. Additional examples of ?Other Amazing Snakes" are included, such as the boa constrictor, Burmese python, reticulated python, king cobra, rattlesnake, which are fascinating to read about though not recommended for beginners. A chapter on potential health problems gives a


Caret Down
Pages 120
Publish Date 2007-10-01
Series Beginners Vivarian
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Russ Case

About the Author

Russ Case is the group editor of the monthly magazines Reptiles, Aquarium Fish International, and Freshwater and Marine Aquarium, as well as the annual magazines Reptiles USA, Aquarium USA, and Marine Fish and Reef USA. He lives in Southern California and has been a reptile and amphibian enthusiast since he was a small child exploring the wilds of suburban New Jersey in the 1960s. Lizards are his favorite herps, but he's also very fond of snakes, turtles and amphibians, and he has kept many different types over the years.

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