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Sussex Spaniel

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Caret Down
One of the dog world's best kept secrets, the Sussex Spaniel excels as a companion dog, show dog and hunting dog. The breed's cheerful, happy spaniel disposition is well disguised by his soulful eyes, somber expression and furrowed brow. Here owners, and would-be owners, will find: *The breed's characteristics *The breed's standard *Finding a breeder and puppy *House-training *Obedience lessons *A detailed discussion on healthcare written by respected veterinarian Dr. Lowell Ackerman *And much more! Author and breeder Becki Jo Hirschy describes the breed as "an amusing dog who loves to be the center of attention, grinning to show off his full complement of canine whites." From feeding the puppy to grooming and exercise to the care of a senior dog, this comprehensive guide gives owners of the Sussex Spaniel a complete picture of the breed's requirements and needs.


Caret Down
Pages 155
Publish Date 2007-04-15
Series Comprehensive Owner
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Becki Jo Hirshy

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