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The Culinary Canine

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Caret Down
More and more dog owners are beginning to cook for their dogs, not only as a special treat, but also for everyday meals. It is a healthier, safer alternative to store-bought dog food. But what about gourmet chefs? Do they cook for their favorite canines, too? Of course they do! The authors of Culinary Canine have interviewed the top chefs of the nation and asked them what their dogs' favorite dishes are. Colorful photographs and delicious recipes accompany each interview, and the reader is given an inside view into a dog's life with a master of the kitchen. Culinary Canine not only allows readers a peek into the life of a chef's best friend, but also gives them a chance to be gourmet chefs for their own pampered pooches. There are thirty easy to follow recipes included in the book. Each chef gives their favorite recipe for their dog.


Caret Down
Pages 192
Publish Date 2011-10-25
Size 7.5" x 9.4" x 0.04"
Author Kathryn Levy Feldman


Caret Down
Eve Adamson, New York Times best-selling co-author with Bethenny Frankel
"How much fun is The Culinary Canine? Let's just say that ingredients for a slew of these imaginative and elegant recipes now dominate my shopping list for the week. Cooking for dogs has officially been elevated to new gastronomic heights--break out the silver dog bowl!" -Eve Adamson, New York Times best-selling co-author with Bethenny Frankel

About the Author

Kathryn (Kit) Levy Feldman is an award winning freelance writer with over fifteen years experience writing for such publications as Family Business magazine, Princeton Alumni Weekly, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Dartmouth Alumni Magazine and Haverford College Alumni Magazine. She has authored five books for Heritage Publishers including the biography of Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence, a pioneer in the field of human-animal interaction and has become known for her profiles of individuals as well as animals. A graduate of Princeton University, Levy Feldman earned a Masters Degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009, with a certificate in animal studies.

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