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The Illustrated History of the Rat Rod

The People, the Cars, and the Culture
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Caret Down
Defined by author and Rat Rod Magazine editor Steve Thaemert, Jr. as the "blue-collar hot rod," a the term "rat rod" refers to a custom car built with creativity, ingenuity, and individuality. Less of a classic-car replica and more of an expression of the builder's personality, "rat rodding" encompasses not just the vehicles but also the scene and the lifestyle ignited by this automotive hobby that's catching on like wildfire. By the editor and senior writer of Rat Rod Magazine, the comprehensive publication for all things rat rod, The Illustrated History of Rat Rod takes you inside the culture to explore the beginnings, evolution, and rising popularity of the hobby. INSIDE THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF RAT ROD: *The beginnings of the rat-rod scene and early enthusiasts. *A look at the hot rods that spawned the rat-rod hobby and how the term "rat rod" was coined. *Rat Rod Magazine and its importance in defining and documenting the hobby as well as other media exposure that helped bring rat rodding into the public eye. *How rat rodding overcame opposition by detractors while gaining acceptance and supporters. *The annual Rat Rod Tour, including event results and anecdotes from attendees. *The clothes, attitudes, music,


Caret Down
Pages 240
Publish Date 2015-11-10
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Steve Thaemert, Jr.; Rick Loxton

About the Author

Steve Thaemert, Jr. : Steve Thaemert, Jr. is the founder, editor, and creative force behind two-time Innovator Award-winning Rat Rod Magazine. With his blue-collar and sometimes maverick approach, Steve has not only propelled rat-rod culture into the American mainstream but also has grown that audience into the millions.

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