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The Uke Book Illustrated

Design and Build the World's Coolest Ukulele
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Caret Down
In this beautifully illustrated book, a master luthier and a painter tell their story of the creation of a musical instrument. The Uke Book Illustrated clearly explains every step of the process through concise notes and informative drawings in the format of a graphic novel. This artistically conceived and executed book reveals the practical aspects of an ancient trade, showing of the preparation and selection of materials, assembly and construction, the tools and jigs, and how to approach the work. Anyone who wants to use this book as a guide or manual will be able to proceed chapter by chapter and drawing by drawing during the realization of his or her own instrument. Anyone wanting to gain insight into how a musical instrument is made will appreciate the clear and informative line drawings and the beautiful watercolor illustrations that fill every page. In the end, this book is not just for crafters and woodworkers, but for musicians, artists, and anyone who enjoy a good story and are fascinated by the process of creating something with one's own hands.


Caret Down
Pages 248
Publish Date 2019-06-11
Size 8.0" x 10.0" x 0.56"
Author John Weissenrieder


About the Author

John Weissenrieder was a classically trained luthier. His formal studies began in the workshop of the great guitar maker, Andrea Tacchi, in Florence, Italy. During his apprenticeship, he studied intensively the works of Enrique Garcia, Francesco Simplicio, and Robert Bouchet, traveling to Spain and France with the scope of investigating more deeply the works of past masters. John constructed instruments in his own atelier in Florence, mixing the style of these luthiers and his own personal vision and style, until his passing in 2017.

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