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Ultimate Scrolling Pattern Collection Volume 1

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Caret Down
FRETWORK Loons - By Ellen Brown Fish - By Ellen Brown Live, Laugh, Love - By Toni Burghout Oakoo - By Sue Chrestensen Buffalo Layerscape - By Lora S. Irish Bear Layerscape - By Lora S. Irish Pineapple - By Lora S. Irish Peace Ornament - By Tom Zieg Joy to the World Ornament - By Tom Zieg Peace Angel - By Paul Meisel Star Plaque - By Paul Meisel Playful Horses - By Volker Arnold Santa and Snowman - By Volker Arnold Wall Mirror - By John A. Nelson Weather Station - By John A. Nelson COMPOUND Cutting Compound Patterns Kangaroo - By Diana Thompson Holiday Heart Ornament - By Diana Thompson SEGMENTATION Blossoms - By Frank Droege Rose - By Frank Droege Sunday Hat - By Lynn Reno Sun Mask - By Dennis Simmons Fox Portrait - By Neal Moore CLOCKS Lover's Clock - By John A. Nelson Motorcycle Clock - By John A. Nelson Oval Wall Clock - By John A. Nelson Lizard Desk Clock - By John A. Nelson Violin Clock - Sue Mey PORTRAITS Creating Portraits in Wood Horse - By Gary Browning Windmill - By Gary Browning Chief Joseph - By Charles Dearing House


Caret Down
Publish Date 2006-06-01
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts
Product Form Magazine

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