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Wild Life of Cows

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Caret Down
Join the herd, graze on cartoon goodness, and discover the funny side of cows. The perfect gift for anyone who fancies the farm! It's udderly hilarious! Navigate the world from the perspective of cows and get a bovine's take on life. Incredibly witty with large lashings of sass, this cool cartoon book will have you chuckling from the first page. It's so funny that once you open this book, you may not want to moooooove! Leigh Rubin ponders cow-world topics, covering everything from cow plastic surgery to beach days and fast food. No subject is too sacred and no theme is too cheesy. There are plenty of puns to ponder and you might even uncover some little-known livestock secrets. The hilarious one-liners and gags are sure to bring plenty of smiles to your face. So grab your leather accessories, sip a milkshake, sink your teeth into a burger, and enjoy a celebration of all things cow. You're sure to be giggling and groaning long after you've finished the last page, experiencing flashbacks of funniness each time you pass a field filled with grazing Angus or Friesian. Who knew that bovine mammals could be so entertaining? Charming, colorful cartoons are accompanied


Caret Down
Pages 64
Publish Date 2003-09-01
Size 7.5" x 5.5" x 0.1039"
Author Leigh Rubin
Product Form Paperback

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