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Your 12 Week Guide to Cycling

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Caret Down
Your 12-week Guide to Cycling offers an achievable step-by-step guide to help get an unfit person to a definable goal - a 25 km race in 12 weeks. The book outlines how to get started, what's needed and how to take that first step. Then using the week-by-week guide the reader works towards the target goal in very gradual steps with a weekly programme plus basic tips on nutrition, motivation, stretching and so on. There is constant reaffirmation of achievements as he/she works through the programme. There will also be sections for the reader's own notes, which are important for that all-important feeling of success as he/she works towards the ultimate goal of looking better and feeling fitter.


Caret Down
Pages 144
Publish Date 2013-03-05
Size 6.0" x 7.0" x 0.0"
Author Daniel Ford, Adam Dickson
Product Form Paperback / softback

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