Fox Chapel and its imprints publish illustrated, nonfiction, instructional books for children and adults, as well as three quarterly magazines. Please do not submit proposals for novels, short stories, or poetry.



Proposals should be submitted via email to Please do not submit original art or hard copies of your work unless requested. Unsolicited art or hard copies may not be returned to you.



Proposals should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (or similar format) and include the items listed below. Please do not exceed 30 pages.

  • Title and subtitle suggestions.
  • A brief synopsis of your book, how and why you developed the concept, and who your target audience is (including any data you might have about potential sales to that demographic).
  • A detailed table of contents outlining the book. Please include a brief description of the material covered in each chapter.
  • A writing sample representative of your book as a whole. If your book is a project book, please include one project in its entirety.
  • Sample photos and/or patterns representative of the projects/techniques to be included in the book.
  • A market analysis of the potential readership for your book, including a list of competitive titles. Please briefly explain how your book differs from these titles.
  • A brief author biography focusing on your qualifications to write the book, your ability to self-promote the work (social media presence, etc.), and any other information that may be helpful in marketing you as an author and your book.



Due to the volume of submissions received, an editor will only contact you if there is interest in your proposal. Acknowledgment of receipt of your materials and / or letters of decline will not be issued. If your idea is of interest, an editor will contact you with details regarding a contract and scheduling your book for publication. Please keep in mind that submitting a proposal and talking to an editor about your idea does not constitute a promise of publication.