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Ideas & Inspirations for Art Journals & Sketchbooks

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Caret Down
Attention, artists and crafters! If you have been thinking of creating an art journal (or even if you've already started one) you'll find valuable inspiration here. Packed with creative ideas and encouraging words, this book will get you going with inspiring examples, helpful information, and meaningful techniques. Artist and author Suzanne McNeill reveals what you need to know to become an accomplished sketch journalist. She shares insightful tips on choosing a subject, sketching from life, layouts, lettering, covers, and much more. Enjoy the relaxing attitude, easy techniques recommended, additions, and inspiring pictures in this journal whether you are an expert sketch artist or pondering your first notebook. Get started with these must-do themes with plenty of examples and encouraging sentiments. Suzanne will give you exciting examples, valuable tips, and useful practices. It is also filled with innovative ideas and encouraging words. With her help, you can get better at picking a subject, drawing from life, layouts, lettering, and covers among other things. Suzanne has kept personal drawing journals for many years. She treasures one of a kind, personal books. Sketches and personal recollections of travel trips, friends, designs, ideas, and events in her family's life were preserved in these important


Caret Down
Pages 64
Publish Date 2013-09-01
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.1811"
Author Suzanne McNeill
Product Form Paperback / softback


About the Author

Suzanne McNeill is often known as a Trendsetter for arts and crafts. Dedicated to hands-on creativity, she constantly tests, experiments and invents something new and exciting. Suzanne is the woman behind Design Originals, a publishing company dedicated to all things fun and creative. She is a designer, artist, columnist, TV personality, publisher, art instructor, author and lover of everything hands-on. She was the 2011 winner of the Craft and Hobby Association's Industry Achievement Award.

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