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Photorealistic Colored Pencil Drawing Workbook

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Caret Down
Make anyone look twice, maybe three times, to see if it is a photo or a colored pencil drawing. Photorealistic Colored Pencil Drawing Workbook: Learn Essential Techniques through 16 Projects explains step-by-step how to achieve super realistic results. Over 550 photos will guide you through several technique building projects teaching you how to achieve great results from colored pencils. Learn how to draw different textures from the smooth surface of a grape and apple to the super fine fur texture of a cat or scales of a snake. Tips on blending, selecting colors, with specific focus on how to draw eyes. Understand the basics of beginning with an outline sketch and the important steps to building a finished colored pencil drawing with great depth that will create a level of realism only colored pencils can give.


Caret Down
Pages 144
Publish Date 2024-04-16
Size 8.0" x 10.0" x 0.0"
Author Irodoreal
Product Form Paperback / softback


Caret Down
Thaneeya McArdle, artist and author of Good Vibes Coloring Book, Woodland Mandalas Coloring Book, and more
This comprehensive colored pencil manual is packed with insightful tips, step-by-step techniques and tons of photographs that unlock the secrets to creating photorealistic colored pencil art!

Coloring, Shading, and Mixing

Learn the cross-hatching method, how to shade using layers, the basics of mixing primary colors, burnishing to add luster (pictured), and the pros and cons of using grisaille for a 3D effect.

Adding Light and Drawing Eyes

Get tips on using a stylus, adding highlights, and removing color to depict brightness. Then learn how to draw lifelike eyes step-by-step, and how to apply white to create realism (pictured).

16 Hyper-Realistic Projects to Draw

AppleGreen GrapesSalmon SushiFruit Tart (pictured)

About the Author

Painter Haru Otomi always starts with the eyes when he draws cats. His amazingly life-like pictures rendered with colored pencils include felines with mesmerizing eyes. Otomi, 22, is a college student whose real name is Haruki Kudo (Otomi is his name as an artist). He said his drawings are the product of fear that he could lose his eyesight given his physical condition. Since birth, Otomi has had almost no vision in his right eye because of eye cancer.Cherishing his eyes means he pays special attention to the eyes of cats in his drawings. Otomi draws the eyes first because he pours all his energy into them. Working on cat drawings, Otomi creates their eyes to look as shiny as marbles. He carefully draws the lightly colored eyes on special paper.Otomi relies on colored pencils in as many as 120 hues from the Polychromos line from German stationery maker Faber-Castell. He chose Faber-Castell after trying more than 10 brands from multiple manufacturers. "The pencils' lead is hard but easier to apply to paper," said Otomi. "Color irregularities emerge less often, too." Otomi spends four hours a day on a drawing so that a drawing can be completed in a week. Some drawings, however, can take longer than six months. Otomi has done colored pencil drawings for more than five years while polishing up his sketching techniques at Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka University's faculty of art in Sendai. He graduated in March 2023. He is determined to carve out a livelihood as a freelance artist in Yamagata.

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