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Transforming Your Kitchen with Stock Cabinetry

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Caret Down
Jonathan Benson pours 30 years of furniture design and woodwork experience into a complete guide that will help anyone design, plan, and install a custom kitchen. Whether you are a novice DIY enthusiast or a seasoned handyman (or woman), his insights and tricks are laid out clearly and logically. Presenting fresh ideas and designs for renovating a kitchen without having to hire outside labor, this guide informs aspiring do-it-yourselfers on how to choose the best stock materials available at home improvement centers and how to lay out an entire functional kitchen. With full explanations of available materials, such as ceramic, wood, and laminate, this manual also provides ideas on the finishing touches to design an efficient kitchen for the modern family. From tearing out an existing kitchen and preparing it for renovation to installing new cabinets so that they are level and secure, this guide includes a photo gallery featuring commentary and case studies from those who have been through the process. Including bonus restaurant lessons from a pro--such as how to work on granite and clean stainless steel--this kitchen transformation guide is both modern and accessible to those on a budget. Divided into four sections, this book offers: Gathering


Caret Down
Pages 160
Publish Date 2010-10-01
Series Woodworking-General
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.41"
Author Jonathan Benson


About the Author

Jonathan Benson is a professional furniture maker who specializes in contemporary curved pieces with extensive veneer figures. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, he has won numerous prestigious design awards and is the author of Wood Art Today. He lives in Des Moines, Iowa.

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