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Urban Farming 2nd Ed

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Caret Down
Comprehensive Guide to the Urban Farm Movement It doesn't take a farm to have the heart of a farmer. Thanks to the burgeoning sustainable-living movement, you don't have to own acreage to fulfill your dream of raising your own food. Urban Farming 2nd Edition walks every city and suburban dweller down the path of self-sustainability. It offers practical advice and inspiration for gardening and farming from a high-rise apartment, participating in a community garden, vertical farming, and converting terraces and other small city spaces into fruitful, vegetableful real estate. This comprehensive guide to urban food growing will answer every up-and-coming urban farmer's questions about how, what, where and why--a new green book for the dedicated citizen seeking to reduce his carbon footprint and grocery bill. Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award in Home & Garden from the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). Inside Urban Farming 2nd Edition Portraits of successful urban farmers DIY projects for container gardening Instructions for creating a garden calendar Recommendations for the most foolproof multi-zone plants Plans for companion gardening Time-saving advice about planting, seed starting, and harvesting City-hall survival tips for navigating your town's ordinances Zone map and extensive resource guide


Caret Down
Pages 416
Publish Date 2018-11-14
Size 7.0" x 9.0" x 0.0"
Author Thomas Fox
Product Form Paperback / softback


Caret Down
Texas Gardener
From Texas Gardener: "Urban farming as a concept strives for sustainability," Thomas Fox explains in the second edition of his award-winning book on the subject. This endeavor derives its organic methods from nature and ultimately aims for healthy lives and overall social wellbeing. Fox emphasizes "the sheer diversity in farms, farmers, reasons for farming and ways of doing so." The author mines the experiences of many proven small-farm models to unearth insights into the best getting-started practices for improving soil, growing edibles, managing plants, collecting seeds and even raising livestock. The mention of livestock might raise eyebrows because urban zoning restrictions can present impediments - something Badseed Farm in Kansas found out, for instance. Even an activity as limited in scale as beekeeping might be fraught with many restrictions. Fox's Urban Farming is packed with helpful advice from root to fruit, including ample profiles of popular veggies. At the top of the author's advice list: "start small and don't quit your day job just yet."


About the Author

Thomas Fox is a graduate of Fordham University and Fordham University School of Law. An early experience working at Hargrave Vineyard (now Castello di Borghese), Long Island's pioneer winery, awakened in him an appreciation of the shared health of plants, animals, humans, and ecosystems. A former research editor at Reader's Digest, Fox has been published in The Washington Post, Wine Enthusiast, The Christian Science Monitor, and elsewhere. Fox lives with his family in New Jersey, where he is a passionate gardener and sometime urban farmer.

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