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Woodstock Lined Journal Groovy Way

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Caret Down
Woodstock stunned the world with just three days of peace and music. Let the spirit of Woodstock Nation inspire you every day with this groovy journal! Made of the highest quality materials, this finely crafted book offers a creative launchpad to inspire your hopes and dreams. Woodstock Lined Journal Groovy Way features plenty of lined pages and space to document your world. Decorated with iconic illustrations and inspiring quotations from the coolest music festival ever, it will connect you with the Woodstock experience, and ensure that the legendary ideals of the Age of Aquarius stay alive in your heart.


Caret Down
Pages 144
Publish Date 2018-02-27
Series Quiet Fox
Size 6.0" x 9.0" x 0.0"
Author Epic Records
Product Form Hardback


Caret Down
It's hard to not fall in love with the new journals, especially the new dot style that allows you to create the perfect journal system for your life.
Rhapsody in Books
These journals would make lovely gifts for yourself or others, especially for those who were part of the Counterculture generation in fact, or are part of it in spirit.


About the Author

Epic Records is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. It was introduced in 1953 as a Columbia Records imprint that focused on pop, classical, and jazz, but by the '60s was releasing music in all genres. The 1960s is also when Epic had its first lasting successes, with crooner Bobby Vinton and several British Invasion bands keeping the label on the charts. However, Epic really came into its own in 1983, when its release of Michael Jackson's Thriller became the highest-selling album of all time.

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